Zeus Beach Hotel Lido di Classe Zeus Beach Hotel Lido di Classe

Fun and Nature... at the mouth of the Bevano

Zeus Beach Hotel Lido di Classe

Between sea and pine forest
the beach in Lido di Classe

The long and wild free beach of Lido di Classe every summer is the destination of thousands of tourists who love unspoiled nature. A natural oasis, the famous Lido pinewood and its free beach are a must see among the wonders of the Romagna Riviera. You can relax in the sun on a strip of soft golden sand with a wild charm, unaltered by any human intervention, such as the introduction of services and tourist facilities. The sandy area of the shoreline is wide from 30 to 50 meters and stretches for five kilometers, bordered by the verdant Pinewood and by a fascinating ecosystem made of soft dunes. For nature lovers but also sports lovers, it is also a perfect area for practicing Kite surfing, sailing and surfing.

A natural park
... at the Mouth of the Bevano

A few kilometers from the hotel you can enter the entrance of the wonderful Foce del Bevano natural park. A protected naturalistic oasis that covers about 40 hectares and is born between the historic Pinewood of Classe and the natural mouth of the Bevano river .
The winding mouth of the Bevano is animated by "live" dunes that vary continuously based on atmospheric agents.
You can enter this wild territory with guided excursions on foot or by bike, electric boat trips or even canoe tours with instructor and environmental guide.
If you love bird-watching you will be able to find yourself among turrets and huts to observe with amazement the wintering or nesting of many specimens.
A nature still different than the one you encounter at the Saline park in Cervia. The northernmost of Italy, its natural park covers about 800 hectares and borders the Po Delta Park. Wonderful at sunset when tinged with pink, the saline tells the tradition of an ancient craft and the birth of the sweet salt of Cervia.

Zeus Beach Hotel Lido di Classe
Zeus Beach Hotel Lido di Classe

What fun among the parks
... nature, entertainment and culture

Just 10 minutes from the Hotel Zeus, let yourself be amazed by Italy's largest wonderland. Mirabilandia is the realm of fun for all ages thanks to attractions and shows designed for different age groups.

A few steps from Mirabilandia the fun rides leave the place to the savannah with the Safari park of Ravenna. 35 hectares of land at your disposal to meet specimens of lions, tigers, hippos, giraffes, zebras, bison, camels, ostriches, llamas, antelopes and many other species. Free animals, born from generations in captivity that live moving independently and safely in the park.

Little moments to live together

Zeus Beach Hotel Lido di Classe